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Hereeee piggy piggies. Are you up to the challenge of being worth my time? Prove urself to me you dirty piggy and send your goddess some money
Language: English

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Group: findom paypig

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findom paypig discussion group #findom #paypig
findom paypig discussion group #findom #paypig
Looking for a paypig
My email is Megan.cooper4@icloud.com I’m looking for a paypig . An honest one! My cash app is - £cashformlc
Looking for a paypig
Hi there if you want to be a loser and let mistress drain your wallet and be a bitch then message Mr now baby . snap lishafrancesca
You already want me
You should know only to approach with a tribute. Kik is @dommefq
Paypigs only
Your favourite Nubian Goddess ?? your only purpose is to serve and obey me?? If you want to be acknowledged tribute first~ £jojojje
Looking for Paypig
Looking for a pay pig, Let me drain your wallet! Send a tribute £blackhonie before approaching me. Honest pay pigs only.
Looking for a paypig - new here!
Looking to have a continuous good relashonship with a pay pig.
Looking for a paypig?pm me x
Im looking for a paypig that want to spoil a silly girl
Hi I’m looking for a pay pig! Pm x
Where are you ? Worthless piggy
Looking for a paypig I want to drain the life out of you Teach you how to treat me Show you your worth
Looking for paypigs
Findom goddess looking for weak losers that will be spoil me x Cashapp £HarperLondon30
Get to know me
Cash app £MxOnal
Aussie stay at home milf looking for a pay pig, if you want dominance in your life message me right now!
Someone be my paypig today, I will finically ruin you
someone be my payout i will financially ruin u?
cash app £s05xoxo
Spoil me I'll make you happy
Spoil me make feel good ,make me feel nice and ill make sure I show you I appreciate it??
Looking together spoiled
£NatashaTraynor Come make me you naughty girl
Be mine
Let me financially ruin you!! ?
Spoil me
Stroke your microscopic dick and start sending, like a good little boy. I deserve everything, http://PayPal.Me/Tbrown535183
Pay for my night out
Going out soon pigs. Get ready to start sending for drinks. Cash app £8Babyh http://PayPal.Me/Tbrown535183
Spoil me I'll make you happy
In need off special someone to come take care off me who will enjoy my company and companionship. £NatashaTraynor ill be baby or your mistress
Pay for drinks
Out for drinks for a few tonight? Message and beg if You want to pay for them Such a low life loser.. getting excited to buy drinks for a girl who wouldn’t even acknowledge You exist otherwise. Start sending for drinks. Cash app ……. £8Babyh http://PayPal.Me/Tbrown535183
Make me smile
Make My notifications jingle with more and more mutts ? http://paypal.me/Tbrown535183 £8Babyh
Cash app
I want to hear the cash app notification more. I deserve it.$SexiSkyla
Fill up my cash app
Mmm there's no sound better than the PayPal and Cashapp notification ?? make yourself useful Fill it up cuties. So many weakling are desperate to send I know ? http://paypal.me/Tbrown535183 £8Babyh
I want what i deserve ?
Come and be my paypig and spoil me rotten .. ill treat you rotten ?
Cash app?
Just downloaded cash app… who’s going to let me hear the notification for the first time?? I’ll make it worth it ? £JackTaitx
Worthless pigs
Who’s getting your wallet out, and their tiny tiny cock for me?? Might let you touch yourself if you treat me right
Dominating you & being paid turns me on ?
Horny then come at me for an experience you won’t regret dominating you & you paying me turns me on the most so let’s exchange pleasures to the fullest ?
You and Me
good afternoon :) i been looking for you! is your wallet full?
Give me everything
Stroke your tiny little dick and give me everything you own. Language: English
Pay coffee and breakfast
Morning losers ? Too early to be up.. make it better by sending for my coffee and breakfast ? What better things do You have to do with Your money?? It's much better with Me.. I deserve it and i want it.. I ? being a greedy bitch ??
Find a pay pig
Someone gonna splash some cash
Looking for a little bitch to control and worship me
I’m looking for a little bitch to worship me. I want to be spoilt while I control your mind, dick and finances. If you see my picture, it’s too late. Your mine. I own you!! Send me cash now bitch PayPal -Baalinino@gmail.com
Tribute enough to get my attention Cash app ?8babyh http://paypal.me/Tbrown535183
Pay for lunch
You pigs exist purely to serve me. Let start with you Paying for lunch Cash app £8babyh http://paypal.me/Tbrown535183
Cashapp me now!
Cashapp me I know your dying to.
Worship your Goddess
You are my panty wearing slut come worship your Goddess
Tribute first
come on you pathetic little pigs you know you want me to drain your bank account. if the tribute is enough you might get all my attention cashapp: Jayd3nnx
pay pay i will hypnotize you!
10 eur http://PayPal.Me/travkinaanastasia https://revolut.me/monikagraizman
how to find paypig?
Guys, where can I find the paypig ? only paypal and revoltut
Let me rinse you
let me rinse your account! Pathetic little pig I want to spoil myself with all your funds if you tribute enough you get all my attention ?
Pay me piggy
Your here to serve me now pay me https://cash.app/%C2%A3HotlittleMinx
let me rinse you
i want to hear the cashapp notification so i can spoil myself, why are you being so greedy and not giving me my money insta: jayyd3nn_ cashapp: https://cash.app/%C2%A3Jayd3nnx
Spoil me
Need your hard earn money so I can live a life of luxury
Pay me
I better start seeing money rolling into my cash app from all you filthy pigs so desperate to spend on a sexy young girl
Ruthless mode:
Ruthless mode: ON. Slap your balls so hard that you start to cry. Then send and thank me for it. You pathetic fucked up loser. Do as told and MAYBE you will get to see something, retard.
Be reminded you're a loser by me
CASHAPP: £ScotlandMistress CASHAPP: £ScotlandMistress Any pathetic paying men out there who want to be reminded on the daily that they're pathetic and a low life loser? CASHAPP: £ScotlandMistress CASHAPP: £ScotlandMistress

fance.me is a forum to discuss anything about hmm & Hereeee piggy piggies. Are you up to the challenge of being worth my time? Prove urself to me you dirty piggy and send your goddess some money. Join in the discussion today